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Drinking Chocolate Kit - Palos Blancos Chocolate

Drinking Chocolate Kit - Palos Blancos Chocolate

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This chocolate is melted and added to milk or coffee drinks to add a delicious chocolate kick. This 4-oz kit comes beautifully wrapped, containing four 1-oz bars and a recipe card inside detailing how to make both chocolate syrup and hot chocolate. This kit was made intending it to be made into two extremely rich servings, but depending on your taste, it can easily make 4 servings.
Made in the USA.
Makes 2 to 4 servings.  4 Ounces.
As a young child, Mike Orlando (founder) was always interested in science and nature, and in trying to figure out how things worked or were made. As he got older, he realized he enjoyed the creative aspects of art as much as the analytical aspects of science. His career history let him from being a marine biologist, scuba diving to collect data for researchers, to an analytical chemist analyzing unknowns, while his hobbies had him reading philosophy and playing in a band.

After 10+ years of being a career scientist, he lacked creative outlets, so he started taking on new hobbies in his spare time: coffee roasting, restoring antique espresso machines, making cheese, baking, and eventually, during the process of building his own coffee roaster, he found chocolate making and was hooked. The more he got into the chocolate making hobby, the more distant his interest in unknown samples became. About a year later, he quit his job and with little money in savings, became one of the only bean-to-bar chocolate makers in the country.

What started in his kitchen with a pound of cocoa beans, a juicer, and a toaster oven, has now turned into a small-scale artisan chocolate company, complete with a factory that is stocked with obscure, and in most cases, home-built or modified equipment, serving over 400 retail customers nationwide.