Enameled Penny Bicycle Tie Clip

Enameled Penny Bicycle Tie Clip

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Designed exclusively for Kickstand Culture, this bicycle tie clip is made from an enameled penny.  Due to the unique nature of the firing process in the kiln, colors may vary slightly.

Made in the USA.

Not having a formal art background, Shaun Silverwood creates to please herself. Not a purist, she breaks the rules of traditional enameling as she mixes enamels to create new colors. The colors and textures she produces are boundless. Her lack of formal training allows her to be liberated in technique, creating with no barriers or pre-conceived ideas.

When Shaun was traveling in CA, she met a master enamelist who shared his secret with her. He enameled with pennies. Firing on pennies has become Shaun's trademark. They are incorporated into most of her jewelry and wine charms. Unlike the master enamelist that shared with her, Shaun leaves Lincoln's face showing, as she feels that adds to the charm and uniqueness of the work.