Glass Cutting Board, Cruiser Bike with Greenish Background

Glass Cutting Board, Cruiser Bike with Greenish Background

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A beautiful bicycle-themed glass cutting board that looks stunning on every counter. The thickness of the glass adds to the appearance of depth. The textured surface causes the light to refract which, combined with the blend of colors, causes an almost iridescent quality. The colors seem to change depending on the surroundings and lighting. The back has four non-slip treads in the corners to prevent marring and sliding. Scratch resistant. Hand wash recommended.  We also offer a matching Framed Bicycle Trivet!

Made in the USA.

Approximately 15 inches x 11 inches.

Brandi Fitzgerald makes wonderful works of art in her Philadelphia home. Some of her wares sell in Nordstroms and adorn rooms in the Marriot hotel chain and Disney World. Because she's been so successful with her beautiful goods, some of the items are partially made under her direction by other USA-based artisans. But not the trivets and cutting boards... those are all made in-house! From the design and print formatting, printing and production, to the packing and shipping... it's done at her home base in the City of Brotherly Love.