Live to Ride Bicycle Chain Necklace

Live to Ride Bicycle Chain Necklace

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"Ride to Live" or "Live to Ride" both phrases appear as the brass disk moves on this bicycle chain pendant. The bicycle chain is recycled and completely taken apart and cleaned before being reassembled into this bike chain pendant. The artist stamped the words by hand onto the brass disk so please allow for some variation in the design.

Made in Canada.

The pendant is 1.5 inches (4 cm) tall by 1.3 inches (3.4 cm) wide.

From North Delta, British Columbia, Kerry Bast is a self taught artist. As well as making jewelry, she is also a photographer and painter. Travel is one of her passions. Together with her husband, she has toured parts of Canada, the U.S., and Europe by bicycle. In two years, they traveled over 6,200 miles in 2 years. She gains inspiration from her travels, and it shows in the beauty of her work!