Organic Cotton Applique Pajamas, Bicycle Print

Organic Cotton Applique Pajamas, Bicycle Print

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Boys and girls will have sweet dreams of biking adventures while snuggled up in these PJs.

100% Organic Cotton. Not treated with flame retardants for the all-natural kids! 

Made in the USA

Founder, Nicole Ludlow long hoped that her creative and entrepreneurial spirit would bring to fruition a company reflecting her family values and desire to bring positive change. After earning a BS in Chemistry and working for several years as an organic chemist, Nicole felt that despite the important role that chemistry plays in our everyday lives, there are areas where chemicals and our exposure to them should be reduced. Agriculture chemicals in particular are increasingly persistent in our environment with cotton being one of the most chemically treated crops on the planet. We are witnessing a rampant rise in many forms of human disease that are suspected to be linked to the chemicals in our environment. Also, research has shown that young children are at increased risk to chemicals in their environment. It was clear we must make a change so New Jammies was born!