Peloton Cobblestone Mug
Peloton Cobblestone Mug

Gravel Grinder Mug

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Bike shaped pasta and textured paper are pressed into the clay before firing. Ceramic stain is rubbed into impressions before applying the glaze resulting in the artist's signature "drippy" design! Since these are individually handmade, there will be small variations such as unround shape, tiny cracks or glaze variations that do not impact the function or structure of the piece. All mugs are wonderful to hold and use with comfortable handles, slightly flared rim, smooth base and a balance weighted at the bottom (very hard to tip over!). It will be your go-to mug every morning! Each handbuilt stoneware mug is made one at a time, without a potter's wheel. The making process is about 2 hours per mug, and drying must happen very slowly to avoid warping and cracking. Each mug is unique in shape, design, and coloring, and holds approximately 11 oz filled to the rim. Fired to over 2200 degrees F, it meets the glaze manufacturer’s specification for food safety and is lead-free. Stoneware is dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe. Stovetop and freezer use is not recommended. Artist's mark on the bottom. A beautiful bike-themed way to drink your morning coffee or other favorite beverage!

Made in the USA.

11 fluid ounce capacity.  About 4.25 inches tall.

Bobbi Kimsey's studio is in South Carolina. Bobbi is a nurse-midwife with a passion for cycling, She has enjoyed dozens of artistic pursuits over several decades!