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Sierra Trail Mix Clif Bar

Sierra Trail Mix Clif Bar

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Enjoy a timeless trail mix with organic peanuts, organic raisins, chocolate and seeds that come together for a delicious on-the-go snack.  Non-GMO.  10 g protein.

Made in the USA.

2.4 oz (68 g) per bar

The inspiration to create an energy bar occurred to Gary Erikson during a day-long, 175-mile bike ride with his buddy Jay. They’d been gnawing on some “other” energy bars all day. Suddenly, despite his hunger, Gary couldn’t take another bite. He thought, “ I could make a better bar than this!” That’s the moment he now calls “The Epiphany.”  Two years later, after countless hours in his mom’s kitchen, the CLIF Bar became a reality. And the mission to create a better-tasting energy bar was accomplished.