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Simple Wallet - Recycled Innertubes

Simple Wallet - Recycled Innertubes

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A small, simple, minimalist wallet that is perfect for front pocket carry. The innate stretchiness of the material allows it to securely hold 1 to 8 cards per side while still allowing them to be readily accessed but not fall out when the wallet is turned upside down. It also holds cash by simply folding it into quarters and slide into in one of the pockets in front of your I.D. or credit cards. The material has a similar heft and feel as cowhide but will not be affected by sweat or water. It is a vegan material for those of you that choose to not use animal hide materials for that reason. It is a recycled material allowing us to reuse something that would otherwise take up space in our landfill.

Made in the USA.

Jason Lauritzen is from Couer d'Alene, Idaho and is an avid cyclist. He has always been aware of how many used bike inner tubes get thrown away and end up as trash in our landfills and decided to do something about it! He stitches all the products himself.