Skin Salve, Everyplay Skin Butter (Gentle) - Athletic Skin Lubricant, Makeup Remover, Tattoo Aftercare, Chamois Lube [closeout]

Skin Salve, Everyplay Skin Butter (Gentle) - Athletic Skin Lubricant, Makeup Remover, Tattoo Aftercare, Chamois Lube [closeout]

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This product is a multi-use bonanza. Pittsburgh-grown calendula flowers are solar-infused in antimicrobial coconut oil to reduce inflammation from friction and overuse, while creamy butters maintain elasticity and high-quality essential oils add antifungal properties and support your body’s natural skin repair – all with a calming aroma that won’t disturb the paceline. Can be used interchangeably as chamois butter, diaper rash creme or tattoo aftercare.

Why is this not a cream? Water-based creams can invite moisture and bacteria to grow in the pores of your skin, instead of sealing it out. This product helps to restore balance to distressed, exposed skin with short-term use, between ointment and an intensive moisturizer. A thin layer of this oil-based “butter” also provides a ton of breathable slip for antifriction magic, to prevent or limit irritation. My goal was to make this product really functional at a few things: reducing friction/inflammation and preventing fungus/bacteria growth. 

1-ounce tin. Vegan. Handmade in Pittsburgh.

This great item is available for purchase only in our brick & mortar store, not on our website.  Contact us for details.

Made in the USA

Coconut Oil, Organic Shea and Mango Butter, Candelilla Wax, Tamanu Seed Oil, Lavender Oil,Jojoba Wax, German Chamomile Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Helichrysum Italicum Oil, Non-GMO Vitamin E Oil

Eryn Hughes is the head soapmaker/owner of Apothecary Muse, a lifelong cyclist and an advocate for social justice. Previous professional and academic personas include mountain bike coach, sports nutritionist, outdoor retail manager, sound engineer, DJ, fine artist, and political philosopher.  Needless to say, the path to soapmaking touched on filling gaps in the needs going back as far as 1999 and evolving into a business which became official on November 29, 2013.  “Muse” is the philosophy which has continued through the music, cycling and into soapmaking stages, suggesting one who is always ready to learn will have always have room to grow.