Skullhead Bicycle Tire Belt (Closeout)
Skullhead Bicycle Tire Belt (Closeout)

Skullhead Bicycle Tire Belt (Closeout)

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Smooth black tire belt and an edgy bronze skull buckle, made out of a new rejected bicycle tire.  Hand-crafted. 

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Made in London, England.

We only have Large remaining in stock.  With this specific belt, large will typically work if your pants size is in the 29 to 32 range.  If you are just above or below that range you can also punch a hole with a heavy duty punch to make it work for you.

Width: 33mm, 1.35”
Length: S-XXL

SMALL : 27"-29" 69-74cm
MEDIUM : 30"-32" 76-81cm
LARGE : 33"-35" 84-89cm 
X-LARGE: 36"-38" 91-97cm
XX-LARGE: 39"-41" 99-104cm

Typically, belts are measured from the edge of the buckle to the middle hole. This measurement does not usually include the buckle itself. Because belts go around your pants, not just around your waist, a properly fitting belt will usually be a little larger than your waist size or pants size.

If you already have a belt that fits but aren't sure what size it is, you can measure it to determine your belt size. Do not measure the belt from end to end. Lay the belt out flat and measure from where the buckle attaches to the belt (do not include the buckle itself in your measurement) to the hole that you normally use. Choose the belt size that most closely matches this number for a perfect fit.

One way to determine which belt size to choose is to buy a belt that is one to two inches larger than your current pants size. For example, if you wear a size 34 pants, you could order a size 36 belt.

Laura Zabo was exploring the beautiful country of Tanzania when she spotted handmade brightly-painted sandals at a Maasai market. These innovative sandals were made entirely out of repurposed tires. She immediately fell in love with the idea that functional products could be created out of trash.  After returning to London she learned to create beautiful items from material previously destined for the landfill and honed her craft to make very cool, high-fashion items.