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Sparrow Bike Flour Sack Towel

Sparrow Bike Flour Sack Towel

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A large cloth towels hand-printed in earth-friendly navy-colored ink.The fibrous look of this item may vary from towel-to-towel, and is characteristic of natural, unbleached cotton. Because these towels are hand-printed, each print and placement of the image may vary slightly.

Made in the USA.

28 inches L x 33 inches W

Zen Threads is a Northern CA based manual screen printing and design shop. They are dedicated to sharing their love of vintage style tees and home goods by offering affordable, handmade gear. Brandy S. founded Zen Threads with the dream to turn her art and illustrations into wearable hand-crafted artwork. Each item is thoughtfully hand-printed with original graphic designs, all with an eco-friendly process. Their designs are created from a blend of graphic design and illustration which are transferred onto silkscreens using an earth-friendly photo-emulsion and light sensitive process. Each item is printed (by human hands) onto the softest tees and most comfortable garments they could find.  Zen Threads made a commitment to the earth and use a "green" printing process, free from harmful chemicals or solvents. Not only is it safer for the planet, but water-based inks look and feel like they're part of the garment.