Squirt E- Bike Chain Wax 4 fl oz (120ml)  Drip

Squirt E- Bike Chain Wax 4 fl oz (120ml) Drip

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E-bikes place higher demands on their drivetrains than standard bicycles, due to higher torque loads and power outputs. This means that e-bike chains experience higher rates of wear. Squirt e-bike Chain Wax was specifically developed to meet these demands and negate the higher rates of wear.

                    Made in South Africa

                    Squirt was launched in the United states in 2004 and legends, Ned Overend, Mike Kloser and Travis Brown were amongst the first to endorse it and Giant was Squirt’s first major US distributor. Following onto the success of Squirt Chain Lube, they then developed and launched Squirt BioBike Wash, Squirt Sweatsucker, Squirt Slurp, Squirt SEAL and Squirt Barrier Balm. What started as a hobby became a full-time occupation for the partners doing what they enjoy: working in the cycling environment while doing their part to protect the environment.