Toddler Bib, Pink, Bicycles Print

Toddler Bib, Pink, Bicycles Print [closeout]

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An XL bib for self-feeders or messy eaters as it is big enough to cover the whole shirt. The bib measures approx. 10 in. wide x 17 in. long 10 in. long from neck to bottom of bib The neck circumference measurements when closed are a generous 12.5 in. and 14.5 in. Large enough to fasten around my neck very comfortably. 100% cotton, the top layer is designer cotton. The backing is a thick 100% cotton white terry toweling. It is perfect after a meal to flip over and wipe a messy mouth and hands. All bibs are double stitched for strength. This bib has 2 snaps which will fit baby best from 12 months to 3-4 years All snaps are securely fitted using industrial quality machinery. Snaps have passed okeo-tex standards making them free of harmful substances.

Made in the USA.

Originally from England, Louise began her sewing and crafting life at a very young age. Taking sewing lessons in school and later on in college allowed her to perfect her handmade craft.

She has been a nanny for 20 years, trained at Norland College, one of the top 'nanny' schools in England and had a very successful career. Working as a nanny, she had a tremendous amount of experience with children of all ages and always loved sewing items for them. In 2015, she was made part-time and instead of trying to find another full-time position, she decided to see if she could create a successful small business. Her work is lovely and we know you will enjoy it, too!