White Lightning Body and Bike Wipes, Pack of 15

White Lightning Body and Bike Wipes, Pack of 15

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Designed to quickly clean anything from dirty hands to sweaty foreheads.  Body Wipes cleanse and moisturize skin with vitamin E and aloe, leaving a pleasant cucumber scent.  Wipes are also strong enough to clean dirt and grime off of bikes.

  • Great for cleaning dirt, grease and perspiration from skin
  • Strong enough to clean off road and trail grime, and nutritional residue
  • Safe for all surfaces including chrome, plastic, carbon fiber and clear coat
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Re-sealable package for extended use
  • 15 wipes 7" x 8" each

        Made in the USA

        Éclat was born in 2008 and since then has grown into a stable BMX parts company that is proud to stand by its name. They are constantly moving forward, pushing the boundaries in order to create exciting, strong and innovative BMX parts.

        Their goal is simply to keep on pushing things forward and keep on creating parts that excite and last longer than ever.

        They are a brand that’s built on a love of BMX and BMX culture. They hope you enjoy their parts as much as they enjoyed designing them and riding them.