Roll With The Locals! Bicycle Clubs, Tours, and More

Some of us like to ride alone but for many, group rides and events are the best way to get out, have fun, and meet other like-minded cyclists. Here is a list of a few groups and ride events in WNY to keep an eye out for. (And, don't forget to watch Kickstand Culture's Event Page for rides that leave from our shop!)



Western New York Mountain Bike Association (WNYMBA):  This sentence from the WNYMBA website sums it up best; "The Western New York Mountain Bicycling Association is a non-profit association whose mission is to create, enhance, and preserve trail opportunities in Western New York State for mountain bikers and hikers everywhere to enjoy." Besides just hosting events, the WNYMBA helps maintain trails and produce maps, guides, and other literature to help riders find new outdoor spaces. They are one of the most active cycling groups in the Buffalo area and it's definitely worth attending at least one of their awesome events! If interested, head on over to


Genesee Regional Off-Road Cyclists (GROC): GROC is another similar group that has been around for nearly 20 years! They are a close-knit community of folks dedicated to trail building and restoration, ride events, and other volunteer work. The organizations is headed by a group of local riders and shop mechanics; people who are true to the local biking scene. They also offer an online shop loaded with some pretty sweet mountain bike swag! Check them out at


Gobike Buffalo: Gobike is one of those organizations that deals with every aspect of the cycling community. In addition to group rides and rentals, they offer hands-on workshops, educational classes, and volunteer opportunities. They also pursue larger projects such as trail development and renovating existing road systems to be more bike friendly. If you're simply looking for a group ride or maybe become more involved in the community, Gobike is one of the best organizations to get in touch with. Visit for more information on how to join!


Slow Roll Buffalo: "As one of the world’s largest free community bike rides, Slow Roll Buffalo’s mission is to provide inclusive community experiences that connect people, places, and causes by bicycle." What started out as a small public ride soon exploded into a city wide phenomenon. Slow Roll Buffalo offers amazing public ride events as well as local news and plenty of cool swag. For someone looking to join larger rides and meet new people, Slow Roll is one of the best options in the area. To find the next event, visit



Slow Spokes Buffalo: Slow Spokes is a Facebook group of riders that doesn't just participate in events from other organizations but also plans their own smaller rides from casual family outings to pub crawls. With over 1300 members, the group is quickly growing, and they host several rides each month. For more info, check out Slow Spokes Buffalo on Facebook.


West Seneca Bikes: If being involved and proactive in your local cycling community is more your style, West Seneca Bikes is a group focused primarily on expanding cycling accessibility in the area. They also list several different events in the community on their page as well. If you want to get involved and aid your local cyclists, head over to the West Seneca Bikes Facebook page.


WNY Fatbikes: It is undeniable that WNY can get some nasty snow but that is all the more exciting if you ride a fatbike. WNY Fatbikes is the best place to go if you're looking to ride in the cold. While they are small, with just under 1000 members, they list local winter rides, information, and up-to-date weather forecasts so you can track the snow! Check out WNY Fatbikes on Facebook.



Buffalo Bike Tours: If you're interested in riding and checking out the local history or cuisine, Buffalo Bike Tours has a little bit of everything. Public tours, private tours, and traditional/e-bike rentals! Their team is dedicated to helping people explore the city of Buffalo and get active. For pricing and dates, please check out 

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