Places to Shred in WNY - Single Tracks, Jumps, and more!

Many long-time riders know that Western New York isn't necessarily the mountain biking mecca of the world, but if you know where to look, you can find some awesome places to shred and catch some air that aren't too far from home. Here is a list of a few places we recommend checking out!


Hunters Creek Park:

Hunters Creek is a popular spot just outside East Aurora for mountain biking and it's relatively accommodating to all riders. The park boasts over 20 unique lines of Green and Blue trails as well as Double Black. Beginner trails offer a better mix of flow and technical features whereas more difficult trails are heavy with steep slopes, roots, rocks, and tight corners. The trails are easily swamped after rain so be sure to come during dryer periods.


Sprague Brook Park:

Located north of Springville, Sprague Brook offers a more traditional mountain bike experience. What it lacks in Black trails, it makes up for in Greens and Blues. Short and steep climbs lead into long downhill sections, some with an almost Pacific Northwest feeling. There are plenty of roots to smash and corners to fly out of and if you happen to have an electric MTB, it is non-stop fun!


Harris Hills State Forest:

Not far from Jamestown lies Harris Hills State Forest, and much like Hunters Creek, it offers some challenging mountain biking. The dozen or so trails in Harris Hills are mostly comprised of Blues and Black with long straightaways, roots, and tight switchbacks. Many of these loops run 1.5 to 2 miles in length so definitely bring water on your ride.


Rock City, McCarthy Hill, and Golden Hill State Forests:

Located quite close together, these three State Forests offer plenty of challenging terrain for riders willing to risk it. It is unclear how many trails exists inside these State Forests and what there ratings are. The Department of Environmental Conservation states all of the trails within the forests are available for mountain biking but "most of these trails require a high level of mountain bike riding skill." You can find plenty of technical challenges in the forests to test your skills as a rider as all of the trails are primarily used for hiking. Expect rock gardens, roots, narrow corridor, and razor sharp turns.


Allegany State Park:

Though popular amongst hikers, Allegany State Park does have some biking opportunities. There are a handful of Green and Blue loops in the northern end of the park with some serious elevation change. Definitely check your brakes and your legs before riding here. In addition to mountain biking, there are plenty of gravel access roads in the park in gravel riding is more of your style.


Jakes Rocks:

Just over the state line, south of Allegany State Park, sit Jakes Rocks. A solid mix of Greens and Blues, Jakes Rocks offers everything from flowy cross country to steep downhill sections riddled with switchbacks. Highly recommended to visit Jakes Rocks and Allegany during the same trip to make the most of your trip!


Bay Park West:

If you don't mind the drive to Rochester, Bay Park West is a must for riders looking to build their skills. Flowy single track with berms, rollers, roots, skinnies, bridges, and plenty of B-lines makes for an awesome ride time! It has enough trails to keep you busy but more are locate close by if you want to spice things up a little.


Tryon Park:

Loaded with over 2 dozen trials, a majority of which are Black Diamond or higher, Tryon Park is the place to go to hone in your skills. The north end of the park has steep downhill sections with plenty of chances to get some air while the south end of the park is filled with technical features and lines that will test your abilities. Tryon is located outside of downtown Rochester, just south of Bay Park West, so there plenty to do on or off the bike.


Dryer Road Park:

You've got to save the best for last! Dryer Road Park is the king of mountain biking in Western New York. A mountain bike park with a fully dedicated team of of volunteers ensures you have the best experience possible, every single time. Green, Blue, and Black trails are available along with technical challenges, downhill, jump lines, and even a pump track! There are an endless combination of trails to connect thanks to over 50 to pick from. The park also features full amenities and plenty of parking.

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