Free 30-Day Check-Up & Adjustment

Every new bike purchase at Kickstand Culture includes a free 30-Day Check-Up & Adjustment performed by our expert service department.  Just drop-off your bike and we typically will have it ready for you the same or next business day. 

The Free 30-Day Check-Up & Adjustment is important because when your bike is first used, cables may stretch, spokes may settle, and bolts may loosen.  This is normal after a bike leaves the factory and is used for the first time.  We will inspect your bike and where needed, adjust brakes, derailleurs, and spokes.  We will also check your tire pressure and tighten any bolts that need it.  Please note that the Free 30-Day Check-Up & Adjustment takes care of adjustments needed from normal wear and tear during the break-in period.  Extreme adjustments and damage caused by accidents, abuse, or excessive usage are not covered by the Free 30-Day Check-Up & Adjustment.

Don’t worry if you can’t drop off your bike at the exact 30-day mark.  The rule of thumb is that the Free 30-Day Check-Up & Adjustment be performed after 20 hours of usage which for most customers is about 30 days.  If you hit 20 hours of usage sooner, drop if off then.  If you are not riding your bike that much, you have up to 90 days to take advantage of this free service.

Please call us at 716-249-2453 if you would like more information about the Free 30-Day Check-Up & Adjustment or if you have any questions about your new bike or it’s maintenance.