Alchemy Goods Ballard Belt

Alchemy Goods Ballard Belt

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This top-selling Ballard belt has a silver stitching and is made from reclaimed bike tubes! The maker starts with one tube wrapped around another to create four layers of rubber. The highlight stitching allows the belt to stretch just enough for comfort, but the rubber construction ensures the belt won't stretch out permanently over time. Vegan, leather-free and includes a sharp looking, removable brushed steel buckle.

Made in the USA.


Born in 2005, the brands of ECO Brands (Alchemy Goods and Green Guru) use previously used outdoor gear that would otherwise end up in landfills to create new adventure gear.  All ECO Brands gear started out as something else, like bike tubes, wet suits, or billboards.  Products are made by hand in the USA.  They are based in Boulder Colorado.