18" Sterling Silver Bike Necklace

18" Sterling Silver Bike Necklace

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This simple bike necklace is handmade, measures 1/2 inch, and is made from aluminum. It hangs from an 18" sterling silver chain.

Handmade in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Linda is the owner and creator of LL Always, an educator with a Doctorate in Education and a lifelong learner. She found great joy in working with metal and creating something that didn’t exist before. This one-woman hobby has grown into a thriving business. Each piece is handmade and shipped from the art studio in Upper Michigan. The studio is surrounded by woods, and freshwater, and overlooks the mountains.

All pieces are handmade with a hammer and metal stamps. LL Always does not use any machinery. Each metal stamp is individually placed on metal and hit with a hammer, leaving a mark in the metal. This guarantees that the pieces are truly one-of-a kind, unique, and perfectly imperfect.