Vinyl Bicycle Sticker
Vinyl Bicycle Sticker

Vinyl Bicycle Sticker

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This sticker is printed in the USA on a durable vinyl material that protects it from scratching, water, and sun. It's meant to last through many adventures. Put it on your water bottle, car, skis, kayak, computer, etc.

Made in the USA.

3.5" X 2.25"

Tiera and Jorrien are a husband & wife team based in the Beehive State of Utah. They draw their inspiration from their home in Utah and their many adventures.

They were tired of traveling to amazing places and not finding goods that they related to, so they decided to make their own. Their product is characterized by its modern design aesthetic and quality material.

Their simple approach to illustration tells unique stories to each individual that comes across their work. It’s the perfect way to customize your gear & home and show your sense of exploration! Enjoy!