'Geared' Sugar Skull - Kickstand Culture Scoop Neck Tee - Women's

'Geared' Sugar Skull - Kickstand Culture Scoop Neck Tee - Women's

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Get Geared up for Kickstand Culture.

Wicking Material. 

100% Polyester

We started printing t-shirts because we couldn't find a local shop that we could afford. High minimums, unthinkable prices, and lead times that we couldn't understand.

We opened our first shop in 2008 with the idea of providing custom tshirts at low quantities, low cost, and without the use of harsh chemicals that are so common in the industry. It would be the “Positive Approach” to tshirt printing. We printed everything by hand & in house and this made us proud. There was nothing fancy happening behind the scenes back then. But we had so much support, which meant the world to us. We started with a small clientele of bands, local support and some start-up equipment in our parents’ basements. 

Since opening, we have expanded three times. Our shop is currently in Buffalo’s west side, in the growing upper Niagara Street district. We have upgraded our equipment to include two 6 color manual presses, a 12 color automatic press, a 13 color automatic press, and a 9 color automatic press. We also specialize in private labeling (tag print), and have the ability to print up to 15” wide x 23” tall on a tshirt. Although our operations are set up for large print runs, we still have a very low minimum of 15 shirts. We print for many local companies and brands, as well as international corporations, national touring bands, fundraisers, and events - we would love to print for you!