Muc-Off Premium Bike Shoe Cleaner

Muc-Off Premium Bike Shoe Cleaner

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The Muc-Off Premium Bike Shoe Cleaner is a biodegradable, environmentally friendly, water-based formula that provides powerful cleaning performance and doesn’t compromise breathability.

  • Suitable and safe - specifically designed for bike shoes
  • Perfect for preparing your footwear for fresh waterproofing/re-proofer treatments such as Muc-Off Premium Footwear Shield
  • Handy sized 250ml spray bottle

Made in the United Kingdom

Rex and Marilyn Trimnell got things started with X-Lite UK waaaay back in 1991.  After designing and manufacturing the world’s first twin crown bicycle fork, Rex created a perfectly pink spray to clean his kit. To make a long story short, Rex’s cleaner was the best thing since sliced bread, and it wasn’t long before word got out and Muc-Off was born.  Today, Muc-Off is now the go-to brand for top riders and racers.