Ortlieb Seat-Pack QR
Ortlieb Seat-Pack QR

Ortlieb Seat-Pack QR

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Ortlieb’s Seat Pack QR is a saddle bag that doesn’t wobble. It mounts via an ingeniously simple mounting system that clamps to your saddle rails and is secured around both fixed or dropper seat posts. It has the usual Ortlieb signature air release valve and is of course waterproof.

Whether you’re riding singletrack, mountain passes or gravel routes, with the waterproof Seat-Pack QR you are ready for every bike adventure. With the innovative and patented Seat-Lock attachment system and abrasion-resistant nylon fabric, the bag is super stable, quickly mounted and just as quickly removed without leaving any residue. And with the help of a special adapter of just 4.3 centimeter in width, this bag can even be used with a dropper post.

The internal reinforcement and five compression straps ensure that the contents are packed tightly and securely. A valve with a handle strap helps to compress the pack volume, and the elastic cord on the outside allows for the attachment of additional gear. To prevent damage from tire contact, a protective plate is attached to the underside of the Seat-Pack QR, which also doubles as a fender.


+ Our reflector ensures added visibility and safety

+ A daisy chain allows for the attaching of a rear ligh 



1. The saddle rails must have a bend of at least 34°.

2. The seat post clamp must be at least 13 mm from the middle of the bend in the saddle rail. There must also be at least 13 mm from the middle of the bend to where the rail connects to the back of the saddle.

3. The bottom edge of the saddle (at the side) must be at least 14 mm higher than the bottom edge of the saddle rail.



+ Saddles with carbon fiber rails, or carbon fiber seatposts

+ Suspension seatposts

+ Saddles with unusual saddle rails e.g. SQLab Active, Brooks B67 (see point 2 above)

+ Electronic dropper posts e.g. Rock Shox AXS or Magura Vyron

If you still have problems mounting the Seat Pack QR for the first time, try moving the Seat Lock System as far forward on the bag as possible and loosen the bolts to find a fitting position. This is the easiest position for initial mounting – you can then adjust the position for the best fit. The fitting instructions have further information and tips.