Twofish Unlimited Quick Cage Stainless Steel Water Bottle Cage

Twofish Unlimited Quick Cage Stainless Steel Water Bottle Cage

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The Quick Cage is made from stainless steel and is specifically designed to hold standard bicycle water bottles. The cage is attached to the bike with a hook and loop strap and a Kraton block. The block is soft and flexible to allow it to work with any frame shape.  The cage holds bottles from 16 oz. to 26 oz. sizes and can be placed anywhere on a bicycle where there’s room, even on the stem of the handle bars. This cage has many uses, from kids’ bikes to bicycles without lugs for cages or for touring or day rides where more water is needed. The Quick Cage is also loved by Cyclo Cross riders because they can train with water and easily remove the cage when it’s time to race.

Made in the USA.

Twofish Unlimited’s origins go back to 1993, when Robert Studdiford watched his wife riding her bike with her U-lock draped over her handlebars and bouncing around. The small size frame of her bike wouldn’t allow her to carry a pump, water bottle, and lock at the same time. This led Robert and his partner Mike Dunn to create the original Lockblock, sold in sets of three for a secure and easy way to mount locks on headsets.

Over the years, Twofish has continued creating new products with one thing in mind: a properly outfitted bike is essential to a good cycling experience.

Twofish essentially created its own market niche by focusing on carrying all kinds of accessories on any bike. The innovative product line includes pump holders, water bottle cages, light holders, and a number of options for carrying locks of all kinds.