Repair & Service


Our service department performs tune-ups, overhauls, flat repairs, and many additional repairs and services.  Our service offerings appear below.   Please contact us if you would like additional information.  

Kickstand Culture's service department exclusively uses Muc-Off brand fluids for all cleaning, protection, and lubrication.  This ensures that your bike is getting the best fluids possible!

Every new bike purchase from Kickstand Culture includes a Free 30-Day Check-Up & Adjustment.  Please click here for more information regarding this service.

Please see the note regarding eBike service at the bottom of this page.

The stated rates are for muscle-powered (non-eBike) bikes.

Basic Tune-Up

  • Rinse and wipe down bike
  •  Safety inspection of frame and fork
  •  Brake inspection and adjustment
  •  Dérailleur inspection and adjustment
  •  Lube chain, pulleys and cables
  •  Touch up wheel truing (minor wheel truing, done with wheels on bike, does not include spoke replacement)
  •  Inspect bearing systems: headset, bottom bracket, hubs (headset adjustment included; bottom bracket and hub adjustments are $5 each)
  •  Inflate tires to correct pressure

Deluxe Tune-Up

  • Thorough cleaning of bike
  • Safety inspection of frame and fork
  • *Brake inspection and adjustment
  • Dérailleur inspection and adjustment
  • Drivetrain degreased
  • Lube chain, pulleys and cables
  • Detailed wheel truing (does not include spoke replacement)
  • Inspect and adjust all bearing systems (headset, bottom bracket, hubs)
  • Inflate tires to correct pressure

Pro Tune-Ups and Pro Overhauls are also available and priced according to your needs.

    Parts are not included:
    * Tubes, tires, bottom brackets, brake pads, etc. are all in addition to the overhaul.  
    For All Packages:
    *Parts are not included: Tubes, tires, bottom brackets, brake pads, cables, chains, etc. are all in addition to the tune up.
    *Not all labor included: Major wheel truing/broken spokes, bottom bracket overhauls, hub overhauls, headset overhauls, flat tires, chain replacement, etc. are all in addition to the tune up.

    Additional Services:


    An inspection to see what work may be needed.  If additional services are performed on the bike, the Check-Up charge is fully credited toward the other work. $20

    Brake Services
    • Install cable and / or housing (each) $15
    • Cable brake adjustment (each) $15
    • Brake pad install and adjust (each) $20
    • Basic pad service, parts and install (includes the basic-style pads - no adjustments) $10/wheel
    • Install disc brake caliper (each) $25
    • Hydraulic brake bleed (each) $35
    Drivetrain Services
    • Drivetrain cleaning and lubrication (no adjustments) $30
    • Install cable and / or housing (each) $15
    • Install Chain $15
    • Install cassette/freewheel $15
    • Install crank set $30 no bottom bracket
    • Bottom bracket overhaul $30
    • Adjust dérailleur $20
    • Align and Adjust derailleur $40
    • Install dérailleur (includes adjustment) $35
    • Install shifter- Flat handlebar $30, Drop handlebar $40
    Fork/Headset Services
    • Headset overhaul $30
    • Install rigid fork $30
    • Install and set up front suspension $50
    • Install stem $20
    Wheel Services
    • Flat tire repair $15.  Cost of tube is additional. (For flat tire repair, tubes are replaced, not patched.) If tubeless, sealant and any iother parts are additional.
    • Thin tire flat repair $20.  Cost of tube is additional.  (Thin tire flat repair is for tires Less than 30 mm wide.) If tubeless, sealant and any other parts are additional.
    • Tubeless tire flat repair $15 plus cost of sealant ($5 road, $10 MTB)
    • Tubeless Set-up $35 Sealant, stem, tape, and any other parts are additional.
    • Tire Insert Installation (such as Tannus) per wheel $25 (does not include tube or insert)
    • Front wheel true/spoke replace $30
    • Rear wheel true/spoke replace $60
    • Front hub overhaul $30
    • Rear hub overhaul $35
    • 3 speed hub overhaul $50
    Misc. Labor Services
    • Install axle pegs (pair) $15 
    • Install baby seat $20
    • Install bike rack $20
    • Install Rad Power Bike rack or basket requiring headlight relocation $35
    • Install clipless cleats $15
    • Install computer $20
    • Install fenders $25
    • Install grips $15
    • Install kickstand $15
    • Install pedals $15
    • Install seat/saddle $15
    • Tape handlebar $20
    *Labor rates do not include price of replacement parts

    eBike Service Note -
    We can provide Service and / or Repair only on eBikes that were purchased from Kickstand Culture, or if it is a brand for which Kickstand Culture is an Approved Service Center.   The rates for eBikes are typically different than the rates ;listed above.  Please contact us for additional information.