Repair & Service


Our service department performs tune-ups, overhauls, flat repairs, and many additional repairs and services.  Our service offerings appear below.   Please contact us if you would like additional information.  

Kickstand Culture's service department exclusively uses Muc-Off brand fluids for all cleaning, protection, and lubrication.  This ensures that your bike is getting the best fluids possible!

Every new bike purchase from Kickstand Culture includes a Free 30-Day Check-Up & Adjustment.  Please click here for more information regarding this service.

Please see the note regarding eBike service at the bottom of this page.

The stated rates are for muscle-powered (non-eBike) bikes.

Basic Tune-Up

  • Rinse and wipe down bike
  •  Safety inspection of frame and fork
  •  Brake inspection and adjustment
  •  Dérailleur inspection and adjustment
  •  Lube chain, pulleys and cables
  •  Touch up wheel truing (minor wheel truing, done with wheels on bike, does not include spoke replacement)
  •  Inspect bearing systems: headset, bottom bracket, hubs (headset adjustment included; bottom bracket and hub adjustments are $5 each)
  •  Inflate tires to correct pressure

Deluxe Tune-Up

  • Thorough cleaning of bike
  • Safety inspection of frame and fork
  • *Brake inspection and adjustment
  • Dérailleur inspection and adjustment
  • Drivetrain degreased
  • Lube chain, pulleys and cables
  • Detailed wheel truing (does not include spoke replacement)
  • Inspect and adjust all bearing systems (headset, bottom bracket, hubs)
  • Inflate tires to correct pressure

Pro Tune-Ups and Pro Overhauls are also available and priced according to your needs.

    Parts are not included:
    * Tubes, tires, bottom brackets, brake pads, etc. are all in addition to the overhaul.  
    For All Packages:
    *Parts are not included: Tubes, tires, bottom brackets, brake pads, cables, chains, etc. are all in addition to the tune up.
    *Not all labor included: Major wheel truing/broken spokes, bottom bracket overhauls, hub overhauls, headset overhauls, flat tires, chain replacement, etc. are all in addition to the tune up.

    Additional Services:

    Check-Up & Estimate

    An inspection to see what work may be needed.  If additional services are performed on the bike, the Check-Up charge is fully credited toward the other work. $20

    Brake Services
    • Install cable and / or housing (each) $15 - Price is for externally routed cables.  Internally routed cables may vary in price.
    • Cable brake adjustment (each) $15
    • Brake pad install and adjust (each) $25
    • Basic pad service, parts and install (includes the basic-style pads - no adjustments) $15/wheel
    • Hydraulic brake bleed (each) $35
    Drivetrain Services
    • Drivetrain cleaning and lubrication (no adjustments) $30
    • Install cable and / or housing (each) $15
    • Install Chain $20
    • Install cassette/freewheel $20
    • Install crank set $30 no bottom bracket
    • Bottom bracket overhaul $30
    • Adjust dérailleur $20
    • Frame / Hanger Straighten / Replace $25
    • Install dérailleur (includes adjustment) $35
    • Install shifter- Flat handlebar $30, Drop handlebar $40
    Fork/Headset Services
    • Headset overhaul $30
    • Install rigid fork $40
    • Install and set up front suspension $65
    • Install stem $20
    • Minor adjustment of headset $15
    Wheel Services
    • Flat tire repair $15.  Cost of tube is additional. (For flat tire repair, tubes are replaced, not patched.)
    • Thin tire flat repair $20.  Cost of tube is additional.  (Thin tire flat repair is for tires less than 30mm wide.) 
    • eBike Hub Motor Wheel flat repair $30.  This applies only to eBike wheels with hub motors.  Flats on non-motorized wheels are standard pricing.
    • Tubeless Set-up $35 Sealant, stem, tape, and any other parts are additional.
    • Tire Insert Installation (such as Tannus) per wheel: $40.  For eBike hub motor wheels: $55  Quoted charges are for the installation service (does not include tube or insert).
    • Front wheel true/spoke replace $30
    • Rear wheel true/spoke replace $60
    • Front hub overhaul $30
    • Rear hub overhaul $40
    Misc. Labor Services
    • Install axle pegs (pair) $15 
    • Install training wheels (non-typical training wheels may differ) $15
    • Install baby seat $25
    • Install bike rack $25
    • Install clipless cleats $20
    • Install computer $20
    • Install fenders $30
    • Install grips $15
    • Install kickstand $15
    • Install pedals $15
    • Install bar-ends / mirror $15
    • Install seat / saddle $15
    • Tape handlebar $20
    • Bicycle assembly (new/in box) $75 and up.  We are not responsible for any damage to parts/frame or parts that are missing when dropped off to us.
    • Bicycle disassembly and packaging for shipment $75 and up.  Shipping materials and/or shipment box may be additional.   We will not charge for materials or shipment box if we have some in the shop.
    *Labor rates do not include price of replacement parts

    eBike Service Note -
    For the non-eBike components of an eBike we can provide service for any eBike brand.  For anything involving electric components such as motors, displays, sensors, control units, etc., we can provide Service and / or Repair only on eBikes that were purchased from Kickstand Culture, or if it is a brand for which Kickstand Culture is an Approved Service Center. Please contact us for additional information regarding eBike service.