Bar Mitts Mountain / Commuter Handlebar Mitten Large Pogies

Bar Mitts Mountain / Commuter Handlebar Mitten Large Pogies

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A neoprene pogie designed to work with flat or riser style handlebars to keep hands warm when encountering the cold, wind, rain and/or snow.  This is the large standard version that does not have an additional hole in each mitt for bar ends to protrude.  If you need a pair that can accomodate bar ends click here.

  • Waterproof, 5mm neoprene construction with nylon lamination inside and outside
  • Attaches to handlebars - can be easily installed and removed for temperature changes
  • Can be used with regular cycling gloves of varying thickness
  • Reflective material on seam and logo
  • Stays open allowing easy access and removal of hands
  • Vent zipper can be opened if hands start to overheat
  • Measures 10.5" wide by shifters/brakes
  • Accommodates thicker gloves


              Pretty much the only thing Bar Mitts makes are pogies!  They are specialists in keeping your hands comfortable.